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Episode 4: Interview with Shai and Edoardo from ESSE Tech

October 8, 2019

Here we interview OXBC members Shai Gilat (Founder & COO) and Edoardo Querci della Rovere (Founder & CEO) of ESSE Tech Ltd, about how Project ESSE is using blockchain technology to certify products and industrial processes.

Episode 3: A Summer Catch Up

September 16, 2019

In episode 3 of the OXBC podcast Rupert and Clemens give us a brief overview of what has been going on over the summer and some news of what is to come over the next few months.

Episode 1: An Introduction to the OXBC Podcast

July 16, 2019

Welcome to the first episode of Catalyzing Serendipity: The OXBC Podcast. Rupert Edwards and Clemens Stromeyer from the Oxford Blockchain Foundation (OXBC) are joined by Katie Holmes and Carl Gunaratnam – OXBC’s new marketing partners. Listen to the podcast to hear more about OXBC and what will be happening over the coming months. If you’re […]