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OXBC Newsletter #27

April 22, 2020

Blockchain vs Corona. More positive news from the tech world this week, as we shine a spotlight on the ways blockchain technology is being used in the fight against the Corona Virus. Also, don’t forget to check out the all-new OXBC website and let us know if you’d like any changes to your member profile. […]

OXBC Newsletter #26

April 9, 2020

Building in the time of Corona & how to save your local business. Happy Easter! While much of the world has come to a halt due to the Covid-19 outbreak, OXBC member Chris Ciszak has continued building with alacrity! In our latest video interview, we talk to Chris about his Corona-busting initiatives and […]

OXBC Newsletter #25

April 2, 2020

The all-new OXBC website is in beta-testing now! We could all use some good news at the moment – so allow us to bring you not one, but two large helpings of it! Firstly, the Corona-fighting support system we featured in last week’s newsletter, was featured in Vogue last week. You can see a […]

OXBC Newsletter #24

March 20, 2020

Corona Virus: How you can be a hero. In these uncertain times, especially when we are all ‘distancing’ from each other, communities like ours can be an incredibly powerful thing. OXBC member Chris Ciszak has created a platform that will allow people to help those in need, in their area – and set up accounts […]

OXBC Newsletter #23

March 2, 2020

Banking on Blockchain? With over 20 years in Investment Banking and Asset Management under his belt, OXBC founding member Peter Longworth is perfectly placed to assess the progress of blockchain adoption within the financial sector. We discuss this, scams, success stories and more in our 20 minute “Pete Pod”. Have a listen! Read full newsletter […]

OXBC Newsletter #22

February 20, 2020

OXBC’s Eye in Dubai. With Dubai rapidly delivering on their promise to be the first blockchain-powered city in the world we hear from our expert on the ground and OXBC member, Amna Usman Chaudhry, on how blockchain technology is thriving in the region. Read full newsletter on Mailchimp

OXBC Newsletter #21

February 12, 2020

Super Car Special: How to claim your share of a $1.1 million Ferrari F12tdf Petrol-heads assemble! A partnership between two OXBC-affiliated organisations – MERJ Exchange and CurioInvest – will give retail and institutional investors alike the chance to own part of a range of 500 classic cars from just $1. The story was picked up […]

OXBC Newsletter #20

February 4, 2020

Just two weeks left to claim your DAS:London tickets discount! Whether it’s DAS: London, designed with financial market professionals in mind, the UK’s Northern Blockchain Conference featuring OXBC member Peter Longworth as a speaker, or one of the Blockchain Expo events taking place across the globe that has caught your eye – we have a […]

OXBC Newsletter #19

January 21, 2020

‘Nothin’ but net gain?: NBA Star seeks to turn contract into a digital investment vehicle. Welcome to a very basketball-pun-heavy edition of the OXBC newsletter. This week, we bring you some intriguing news from the States. Brooklyn Nets basketball star Spencer Dinwiddie looks set to turn his eye-watering NBA contract into a digital investment vehicle […]

OXBC Newsletter #18

January 14, 2020

Is property the ‘killer application’ for Blockchain? Happy New Year! 2020 is here, the 11th anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block has already been and gone – and building in the blockchain space continues apace! In this edition of the OXBC newsletter we have part two of OXBC Chair Rupert Edwards’ presentation to the Royal […]