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OXBC Newsletter #03

July 22, 2019

New team and new OXBC podcast! There’s been plenty going on behind the scenes at OXBC in recent weeks, and even more to look forward to – including the launch of our brand new OXBC podcast ‘Catalysing Serendipity’. Top highlights: 1. Meet Carl and Katie, our new OXBC team, leading on marketing and community success. […]

Episode 1: An Introduction to the OXBC Podcast

July 16, 2019

Welcome to the first episode of Catalyzing Serendipity: The OXBC Podcast. Rupert Edwards and Clemens Stromeyer from the Oxford Blockchain Foundation (OXBC) are joined by Katie Holmes and Carl Gunaratnam – OXBC’s new marketing partners. Listen to the podcast to hear more about OXBC and what will be happening over the coming months. If you’re […]

David Siegel on Non Fungible Tokens with OXBC

March 11, 2019

David Siegel on Non Fungible Tokens, “skin in the Game” Tokens and other token types: An evening with Oxford Blockchain Foundation (OXBC). Interesting dialogue around the MarkerDao and DAI – a Ponzi Scheme or a legit stable coin?

Oxford Blockchain Foundation at Everest

December 13, 2018

Oxford Blockchain Foundation founder member Nahas Jaleel at Everest Base Camp, declaring from the roof of the world how members of OXBC are living out the vision