About us

Expertise, Community & Opportunity

The Oxford Blockchain Foundation (OXBC) was inaugurated by 150 ‘Founder Members’ in June 2018. OXBC exists to widen the community, deepen the knowledge, and heighten the opportunities available to its members, within the blockchain space. Our culture prizes alacrity, robust thought, and integrity in our support of one another and the wider industry.

We have members based all over the world, involved in almost every part of the blockchain ecosystem. Being part of our Foundation means gaining access to a powerful network of knowledgeable, well-connected blockchain experts with a passion for driving the adoption of the technology forward. You may join us if you are a Saïd Business School student, an alumni of the blockchain strategy course or are professionally involved in the blockchain space. Memberships are also available for corporate members and sponsors.

Activities undertaken by the Oxford Blockchain Foundation include:

  • Quarterly networking events: OXBC hosts large networking events for members every quarter. There are also a number of global events arranged by members in their local regions. We offer event management support to any member wishing to organise a networking event, wherever they are in the world.
  • Incubation / acceleration — OXBC offers members the opportunity to be part of an advisory ecosystem for startups that may come from fellow students — or others from outside our group that we select.
  • OXBC sources group discounts and free entry to global blockchain events for the benefit of its members
  • Weekly Podcasts and videocasts: OXBC members are offered the chance to be interviewed in weekly podcasts or videocasts which are disseminated to other members through our weekly newsletters and to the rest of the world via our social media channels
  • Articles, posts and milestones hit by our members working on projects are shared to our global audience via our social media channels
  • Member support: OXBC members can at any time tap into the power and expertise of the global OXBC network. OXBC provides a platform to discuss, test and launch your blockchain business or project.

OXBC Board of Directors

5. OXBC - Cooke
Robert Cooke
1. OXBC - Edwards
Rupert Edwards
4. OXBC - Hegele
Christine Hegele
2. OXBC - Stromeyer
Clemens Stromeyer
3. OXBC - Toshack
John Toshack